Lauren Alice Ink | Odyssey: April Wrap-Up
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Odyssey: April Wrap-Up

At the beginning of the month, I applied to write with The Odyssey Online as a Content Creator in the Orlando community. I was so excited to be accepted and it’s been such a great learning experience! I’m learning more about marketing my own writing and am able to apply what I’ve learned in college about rhetorical approaches to my work.

I’ve enjoyed working with Odyssey so much that I also applied to be a Contributing Editor when a position within my community opened up. I was not expecting to be chosen since I am still new with the publication, but I am happy to announce that my first week as the new CE is going well! I’m excited to learn more with my group of writers and change the world one article at a time.

In the month of April, I wrote about my siblings, frozen yogurt, procrastination, and Disney. Check out my articles below! And stay tuned for more monthly wrap-up posts about my work with Odyssey.

I’m The Big Sister Of Twins, And I Love It

“Oh my gosh, twins! Are they identical?”

Um, do they look identical? My little brother and sister are fraternal twins who arrived when I was 12-years-old and my other brother was 7-years-old. We discovered my mom was having twins at her first ultrasound. My parents did not want to find out the sex of the baby until he or she was born. “Unless it’s twins!” she joked.

9 Thoughts We All Have As We’re Getting Our FroYo

Picture this.

I’m a typical broke college student, but I want to hang out with some friends. It’s been a while since we’ve all seen each other. Work has been crazy for me lately and I can finally relax on my day off. Kayla’s back in town for spring break too, so it’s perfect timing.

How I Float When I Need To Land

December 31, 2017, I stood in that wine and champagne aisle at the grocery store and Googled “what does extra dry champagne mean” (I still don’t understand, and ended up getting prosecco anyways).

The acquired prosecco was drunk about twenty minutes after 2018 rattled down upon the eastern time zone. The midnight moment crashed into me as I realized in that very second, I had procrastinated too much and missed an important deadline.

I entered 2018 in a shame spiral.

Disney’s Flower And Garden Festival Delivers Food And Views

Once again, we arrive at the time of the year when Epcot transforms into a floral dream world. Overnight, over 450 horticulturists bring in 200,000 plants to create the Flower & Garden Festival. Guests find exclusive topiaries and gardens, as well as specialty food booths, all around the park. Disney also provides interactive playgrounds for the kids and limited time Passholder perks.


Lauren Alice

Lauren is a writer and editor and has a Bachelor’s in English with a focus on creative writing from the University of Central Florida. Science fiction is her passion and she believes coffee is better with cream.

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