Lauren Alice Ink | Odyssey: Fall Wrap-Up
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Odyssey: Fall Wrap-Up

This season on Odyssey…

Just kidding, it’s not a TV show. Just my article gig. In this update, you can read about one of my favorite TV shows, Parks and Recreation. I also tackle some customer service concepts I learned from my time working at Chick-fil-A, including how to function in a drive-thru. Remember MoviePass? That’s in here too. And Twenty One Pilot released a new album too, so of course I had to write about that.

Check it all out!

11 Surefire Ways To Not Completely Suck As A Roommate

Are you leaving home for the first time? Are you starting college? Moving into your first apartment? Going into dorm life? Chances are you’ll be living with roommates. Maybe one day, the time will come to live on your own, but today is not that day.

MoviePass Might Actually Be Hurting The Film Industry

MoviePass has been under scrutiny in the last few weeks after their 6.2 million dollar loan and interrupted service while fans were trying to see “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” These technical difficulties sparked some panic and speculation that the company might go out of business. However, the company stated in a recent email to subscribers that they are indeed still standing. Their prices for new and current subscribers will increase.

These 12 Simple Tasks Will Help You Feel In Control Even On The Bad Days

Do you ever feel like your life is in chaos even though deep down you know it’s just a small setback? Do you see other people around you and feel like they have a better handle on life than you do? Do you beat yourself up over these feelings?


We Can Help Stop The False Sense Of Reality On Social Media With #ShareYourRejection

In this current social media captivated society, we are constantly bombarded by our friends’ or acquaintances’ personal achievements. Your friends from high school are getting married and your former college classmates are finding great jobs, all while you’re at home watching “The Office” for the 17th time and desperately scrolling through career search sites.

9 Steps You Can Take To Be A Functional Human In A Drive-Thru

The drive-thru is really a simple concept, yet thousands suffer every day from its seemingly complicated grip. I work in a drive-thru and witness countless confused customers make their way awkwardly through the drive-thru lanes. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Group Projects In College Taught Me Valuable Lessons About The Real World

Whether you love them or hate them, chances are you will be assigned group projects during your time in college. Sure, you’ll be working on concepts relevant to the class, but the actual lessons you’ll take away from the experience will teach you about real life, people, and common decency.

Chris Traeger Can LITERALLY Teach Us So Much About Depression And Mental Health

I love “Parks and Recreation” as much as the next guy, maybe definitely even a little more. I love “Parks and Recreation” as much as Leslie Knope loves parks, probably. I’ll suggest it to people, they’ll watch the first few episodes and come back to me asking, “Really? This show?” And my standard answer is, “Watch till the end of season two and the beginning of season three and then decide what you think. Ben and Chris save the show.”

We all know Ben Wyatt is ecstatic about “Game of Thrones” winning best drama. Leslie is probably ranting about all the positive girl power from Amy Sherman-Palladino right about now too. But it’s time to face the facts.

“Parks and Recreation” is literally the greatest show of all time. Change my mind.

It Really Is ‘My Pleasure’ To Work For A Company Like Chick-Fil-A For These 8 Reasons

In the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I applied for a part-time job at one of my favorite places to eat. This was the same Chick-fil-A where my friends and I basically grew up in the play park. I had heard the company was a good one to work with, so I went for it and I got the job!

For whatever reason, there is a disconnect between the general public and service employees. But the fact is, we are people too, just like you. When we get yelled at, it still hurts. When we are called incompetent, it feels like an attack. When we are treated with kindness, it brightens our day. When we are sincerely thanked for helping to fix a problem, it feels nice.

 Twenty One Pilots’ New Album Proves That Artists Can Change Their Style And Still Rock

Whether you call them an enigma, a movement or a just another punk band, you can’t deny the impact Twenty One Pilots has had on the music scene. Their (arguably) fifth album “Trench” was just released and fans are already up to bat about its new and different sound.

J.K. Rowling, Did You Really Plan These Plot And Character Reveals, Or Are You Just Being Trendy?

Why do I have to follow every statement you make to find out what happens to my favorite characters even though I read all seven “Harry Potter” books?

Lauren Alice

Lauren is a writer and editor and has a Bachelor’s in English with a focus on creative writing from the University of Central Florida. Science fiction is her passion and she believes coffee is better with cream.

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