Lauren Alice Ink | Odyssey: May Wrap-Up
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Odyssey: May Wrap-Up

In the month of May, I wrote about my time at UCF, my favorite make-up brand, fictional moms, Grey’s Anatomy, and graduating high school as a homeschooler. Check out my articles below!

Looking Back At My 3 Best And Worst Times At UCF

After four years of skim reading textbooks, some bull crapped discussion posts, a bit of procrastination, a few tears, but mostly hard work and dedication, my time at the University of Central Florida draws to a close. I changed my major once, moved twice, gained friends, lost friends and drank lots of coffee. Some of my time was fun and some was definitely not. Now I can look back at the best and worst experiences at UCF.

Glossier Helped Me Realize I Can Look Confident In My Own Skin, Not Just Tired

“You look tired.” Thanks. I’m not wearing any makeup.

For years after I started wearing makeup, I felt ashamed of my bare face. I made sure to throw on some eyeliner and mascara every time left the house. If I failed to do so, I was subjected to comments like, “are you okay?” or “you look upset.” In college, I had to add filling in my eyebrows and lightly contouring in order to feel okay enough to show my face among other girls my age.

10 Fictional Moms Who Deserve The Best On Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day is here, and while I do appreciate my real life mother more than I can say, I also want to make sure I show appreciation to all my fictional moms who also shaped me as I grew up.

7 Things That Become Normal While Binge-Wathcing “Grey’s Anatomy”

After a year of binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” I caught up for season 14. The finale made me shed some happy tears, for a change. Not to spoil anything, but I’m glad characters are leaving for happy reasons this season. Shonda Rhimes is a genius and an artist when it comes to screenwriting. She is actually one of the writers who continues to inspire me to pursue my dream of screenwriting.

I Graduated High School With 300 Other Homeschoolers

I graduated from high school in 2014. Except I was homeschooled, so I shared this day with 300 other graduates.

How? Well, contrary to popular belief, homeschooling does not mean isolation from most aspects of society. In high school, I attended classes, worked a job and hung out with friends just like public or private schooled kids. I completed community service hours and was able to dual enroll. I even went to dances (although they weren’t called “prom”).

Lauren Alice

Lauren is a writer and editor and has a Bachelor’s in English with a focus on creative writing from the University of Central Florida. Science fiction is her passion and she believes coffee is better with cream.

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