Lauren Alice Ink | Gravitational Encounter – Short Fiction
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Gravitational Encounter – Short Fiction

Short fiction written for a writing workshop in 2015.
Gravitational Encounter
By Lauren A. Margheim
          Amelia Wells tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear. She stumbles slightly as she steps into her high heels, but quickly regains her balance. She is used to the instability by now. Pulling her cardigan back onto her shoulder, she turns and grabs her car keys from the ledge by her front door. As she leaves her condo, she makes sure to not jostle her camera bag—her precious cargo.
          The chill of the Colorado spring air nips at her face. She misses the warmth of California. The wind brushes at her legs as she walks to her car. She probably should not have worn a skirt today, but she feels confident in her favorite style. Even the most mundane things help her feel at home these days.
          Aspen reminds Amelia of a bubble. The picturesque town retains the boundaries of a setting straight out of a nursery rhyme and gives a sense of freedom only isolation can provide. For a photographer like her, Aspen is a paradise. Beautiful trees of the same name fly by her car windows. Quaking aspens are in high supply and grow curvilinear on the mountain incline, persistently looking towards the expansive sky. Her aunt always says there are two kinds of people – ocean lovers or mountain lovers. Amelia prefers the mountains even though her family disagrees.
Lauren Alice

Lauren is a writer and editor. Science fiction is her passion and she believes coffee is better with cream.

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