Lauren Alice Ink | My Top 5 Favorite Places To Write
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My Top 5 Favorite Places To Write

I will admit it. I don’t write at my desk as much as I probably should.

It’s a nice desk—one of the cheaper ones from IKEA. It’s got a cute whiteboard attached to it and I have a fun spinning chair that looks like an egg. I do love working here and it makes me feel so professional even though it’s just a desk in my room.

But sometimes, I just need a change of scenery.

This is why writing on a laptop is great; you can move around if you need or want. Here are my top five favorite places to write.

1. In a coffee shop

If I’m not at home, I’m most likely in a coffee shop—and I don’t mean just when I’m writing! Yep, coffee is great. Writing in a coffee shop is even better. I love to look around for character or setting inspiration. Most of the other patrons to any given coffee shop are either parked there for a while or coming and going in a hurry. Pay attention to their mannerisms; how they twirl their hair while they’re reading or shift their weight while they’re waiting.

2. On my bed

It would be awesome to write on a fluffy cloud. Up in the sky, surrounded by natural light, all alone to get my writing done. Instead, I just settle for opening my windows and sitting on my bed. I surround myself with pillows and settle in for some writing.

3. At my parents’ house

It’s always (well, usually) comforting to go back home and escape back to your childhood for a bit. Being at my parents’ house helps me remember being a kid and all the goals and dreams I had for writing back then. Being there gives me motivation to keep writing.

4. In the rain

Wherever I am, for some reason, the rain just makes me want to write more! I don’t know if the quality improves at all, but the inspiration is definitely there. I know, it’s borderline cliche, but here we are.

5. While I’m driving

Okay, okay, I’m not actually writing while I’m driving. I’m running through scenes in my head. I’m testing dialogue ideas out loud and by myself where no one can give me a weird look. I’m looking for my characters’ motivations, figuring out what’s in their heads, and getting to know them. And then as soon as I get to where I’m driving, I write down any breakthroughs in my notes app.


Basically, you can write anywhere and everywhere. You don’t have to have a nice desk or office or any kind of official workspace. All you need is an idea and something to write with. Just get out there and write!

Lauren Alice

Lauren is a writer and editor. Science fiction is her passion and she believes coffee is better with cream.

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